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Why Monitor?

A few benefits of compliance monitoring include:

  • Communication
    • Orbit Labs provides results that open doors to conversations with your patients regarding their medications.
  • Multiple Prescribers
    • Compliance monitoring helps physicians understand if their patient is being prescribed medications by other physicians.
  • Medication Diversion
    • Compliance monitoring helps physicians detect whether or not a patient is taking prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications, or illicit substances, and helps to identify possible misuse, abuse, or diversion.
  • Keeping Your Patients Healthy
    • We provide results that give insight into your the patients’/clients health, such as how they metabolize medications or if there will be any potential cross reactions.
  • DEA
    • If the DEA or other agency inquires or does visit, you will be prepared with evidence of your prescribing practices and your office’s compliance, with an easy-to-read report in every patient file.

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We provide an opportunity to test a broad array of drugs and metabolites. Testing includes: urine, whole blood, and oral fluid.

Specimen Collection:
Urine Drug Testing | Blood Testing Methods:
Liver Function Test | Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin | Immunoassay Screening | LB/SE Testing